About us

Overview of Diamond Rok Mining Company

Diamond Rok Pty (DR) is an Australian/South African joint venture which has recently been granted mining rights to the famous Kamfersdam Diamond Mine (KDM) in Kimberley, South Africa. We combine advanced technology, expertise, and traditional exploration to find and mine the most beautiful diamonds in the world. We care about the ecological and cultural processes that keep life going, so our biodiversity and community are very important to us.

Our Core Values


We value people from all walks of life and believe there is strength in diversity and inclusivity.


We believe that stakeholder collaboration is the key to our success and longevity.


We are stewards of all resources entrusted to us and therefore we shall account for the responsible and ethical utilization thereof.


We are agile in our quest to stay the course, irrespective of all the challenges that might come our way.

Kamfersdam Diamond Mine

KDM is the last known, unexploited diamondiferous Kimberlite pipe of six great kimberlite pipes of the famous “Kimberley cluster”. The other Five of these six great pipes were most profitably mined to depths of 700-1,100m by De Beers, (DBMC), and produced over 160 million carats between them – an average of over 30 million carats per pipe.

KDM however, was never exploited by DBMC – see our “History” section to discover why. And now, over a century after the old open pit mine at KDM closed in 1914 on the advent of World War 1, kDM has been granted full rights to continue mining this large and well-known diamondiferous Kimberlite pipe.