Diamond Rok

Unlocking Historic Mining Heritage and Value.

Welcome to Diamond Rok Mining Company

Diamond Rok Mining Group (DR) is an Australian/ South African joint venture which was recently granted the mining rights for the famous Kamfersdam Mine (KDM) in Kimberley, South Africa.

Unearthing untapped value

Diamond Rok is undertaking two core strategies at KDM.

Tailings and Stockpile Dumps

DR hopes to generate significant early project cashflow by reprocessing the huge stockpiles and tailings dumps left on site when the old open-pit mine closed early last century.

The KDM Pipe

DR’s main business now is implementing a deep-drill programme in the main KDM pipe to achieve a full Bankable Feasibility study to further confirm its depth, shape volume and full economic potential so as to make a more informed decision how best to proceed to extract its known, and potentially large, quantities of diamonds. 

Our Purpose

We make our key stakeholders’ part of the Diamond Rok legacy and future. Our unique historical background and the environment in which we operate are synonymous with the diverse South African cultural landscape. Through our operations, we welcome the world to be part of our mining adventure.

Our Journey: The Diamond Rok Vlog

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Mining a Legacy at Kamfersdam